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Business owners’ ability to barter skillfully is vital because typically, whether or not they are aware of it or not, they spend hours weekly negotiating with subordinates, suppliers, lenders, significant others, children, parents, in-laws, car dealers, and others. Deciding what proportion to pay a brand new office manager or where to travel to lunch with a client involves negotiation.

The office manager may opt to accept less money if one hundred pc of health benefits are paid, while a client may comply with opt for Mexican food if Chinese food are going to be the selection on the following occasion. Although all business owners are experienced negotiators, they will not be skilled negotiators. Being a skillful negotiator requires patience, attentiveness, flexibility, and awareness of non-public negotiation style, issues and details of the case, still because the goals and objectives of the other party.

Negotiation is described as nonviolent communication between two or more parties who may have conflicting and customary interests in an effort to succeed in an agreement that meets the goals of one or both parties. In simple terms, negotiation could be a process for getting something you wish. Gary Karrass, author of Negotiate to shut, once said, “We don’t get what we wish during this life, we get what we negotiate.”

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    CHEN JIA JUN , November 5, 2023 @ 11:49 am

    Enterprise management must learn logic with processes

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