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Being a successful negotiator and using principled negotiation involvesa lot of toil and preparation. However, it may also be rewarding once you walk out after a deal knowing that each side got what they wanted. During the negotiation process, remember to undertake to uncover the opposite side’s motivating interests, never lose sight of your goals and objectives, and check out to convince the opposite party to use an objective standard.

And, if the opposite party uses dirty tactics, allow them to know that you simply are alert to what they’re doing; attack the problem—not the people; maintain your composure; and continue with the negotiation.

Negotiation “Do’s”

✔ Use good posture.

✔ Speak slowly.

✔ Smile.

✔ Psych yourself up.

✔ Ask why they need what they require.

✔ Look the opposite party within the eye.

✔ Be succinct.

✔ Ask open-ended questions that has to be answered with more

than a yes or no.

✔ Be a decent listener—clarify, encourage, appreciate others’ efforts,

recognize feelings, and summarize.

✔ think about creative solutions.

✔ fire what you would like.

✔ Realize that you simply have something valuable.

✔ Be willing to steer away.

✔ try and achieve a win-win negotiation.

✔ Know what the opposite party wants.

✔ Walk a mile within the other side’s shoes.

✔ Know your BATNA.

✔ Determine the opposite side’s hidden interests.

✔ elicit justifications and clarifications.

✔ Ask questions.

✔ Separate the people from the matter.

✔ Use objective criteria.

✔ Be flexible and open-minded.

✔ Be credible—use facts and other supporting evidence.

✔ Exude confidence.

✔ listen to your tone.

✔ Make trade-offs.

✔ Take notes.

✔ Build relationships.

Negotiation “Don’ts”

✔ Make threats.

✔ Interrupt when someone is speaking.

✔ Shout.

✔ Be sarcastic.

✔ Criticize before of others.

✔ Attack people.

✔ Insult or belittle.

✔ Make the opposite feel guilty.

✔ Pout.

✔ Cry.

✔ Fidget.

✔ Call anyone names.

✔ Be easily discouraged.

✔ Beg.

✔ Whine.

✔ Take it personally.

✔ Negotiate after you are feeling irritated, stressed, tired, or angry.

✔ Use technical jargon.

✔ Hog the ground.

✔ Give ultimatums.

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