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Degree of Distance Learning

Distance learning professional recognition

Professional reputation largely depends on achievements and skills still as on education level (degree and/or diploma). For this reason, any distance learning syllabus for adults not only represents a career enhancement, but it’s also resembling a standard class attendance program. In fact, a superbly valid degree may be legitimately earned through a distance learning university like Academy Europe. Earning a syllabus for adults shows undeniable willpower, responsibility, motivation and private organization which enjoy high consideration within the Business world. it’s not accidentally that human resources managers estimate those employees that engage in distance learning programs so as to enhance their CV.

Non-formal studies recognition

Academy Europe could be a non-formal education institute for adult students. Its non-traditional study programs don’t follow the Ministry of Education’s guidelines since they’re not standard; they’re designed to suit adult student’s needs. As a consequence, certain government positions, professions or occupational licenses require the possession of traditional education channel degrees. In other words, a non-government accredited, free and personal distance learning institution, because it is Academy Europe, awards titles that can’t be utilized in some areas where state licensing is demanded. the popularity of personal distance universities’ degrees is usually discretional.

Academy Europe MBA Program for adults can be internationally legalized to facilitate recognition.

Academy Europe distance learning titles and academic transcripts may be internationally legalized through metropolis Apostille (for countries under Hague Convention) or Consulate Legalization (for Non-Hague Countries). This specific legalization allows any distance learning institution, like AEU, to get official signatures certification additionally as documents legality and legitimacy. it should be required as a validity guarantee by government institutions. However, it should be understood that this legalization process doesn’t necessarily guarantee a personal distance learning degree final acceptance. Reason why, we strongly recommend to test on the gap learning degree regular acceptance before enrolling in any AEU syllabus for adults.

In many countries, government institutions are performing on the method of non-formal education official validation. for instance, in 2012, within the EU Union, the formal educational activity and universities systems were merged within the Bologna process. Currently, European countries face increasing pressure to acknowledge individual’s knowledge, skills and competencies, which needs new approaches to validate people’s learning experiences. this can be why the EU Commission presented a proposal for a Council Recommendation on the validation of non-formal and informal learning after 2015.

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