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As noted within the case of MCI, with increasing frequency companies are conducting ethics training sessions with employees. These training sessions involve the discussion and analysis of ethical dilemmas. Ethics training seminars are helpful in providing employees with the tools to form the correct decisions in situations where their ethics are being tested.

External Organizational Relations

Many firms also create an ethical standard that covers issues concerning the organization’s effect on the skin world, including its responsibility to shareholders, customers, and also the community.

One of the firm’s responsibilities to shareholders is to form decisions with the simplest interest of the shareholders in mind. Many organizations encourage shareholder activism, which supplies the shareholders the opportunity to influence management practices. As ethical concerns have been embraced by shareholders, activism has also included influencing practices like employee relations, social awareness, environmental practices, and other socially oriented concerns.

An organization has an obligation to its customers with regard to its production practices. Customers expect that an organization will not produce a product or provide a service that has inherent defects or issues of safety. Companies also will establish a typical for sales practices that daunts deceptive or aggressive sales methods, ensuring that employees understand what’s acceptable and not acceptable behavior.

The social obligation that a corporation has can include environmentally sound practices. Environmental obligations include preventing air, water, and land pollution. A growing movement suggests that a company’s social obligation also includes producing products that somehow benefit society or aren’t harmful.

Importance of Written Standards for Ethical Policies

Many organizations choose a written material that not only outlines the company’s ethical policies, but also follows government regulations. This document is then distributed throughout the organization so that there will be no doubt of what the corporate policies are. This standard will often include guidelines for internal company behavior as well as for product quality and customer relations.

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