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Many people are afraid to barter thanks to all the stereotypes related to negotiation. Although business owners spend up to half their time at work negotiating, many still feel uncomfortable with the method. Some fear that they’ll encounter to the opposite party as impolite, pushy, unfair, or maybe cheap.

One common misconception about negotiation is that good negotiators use tactics kind of like the stereotypical deceitful, conniving used car salesman. Being an honest negotiator doesn’t mean you’ve got to resort to being a slick, smooth talker.

Contrary to popular belief, negotiating mustn’t be compared to a game or a war within which both parties enter the method with the goal of winning and crushing the opposite party’s spirit. the top results of war or a game is that one party comes out because the clear winner and also the other because the absolute loser. Upon completion of a successful negotiation, in contrast, both parties should feel that they need won something.

Another reason business owners feel uncomfortable negotiating is because they feel they need to create trade-offs between getting along with the opposite side and getting what they require. it’s not uncommon for business owners to feel that they need to either throw in the towel to the opposite side’s demands or play hardball so as to avoid conflict, damaging their future relationship, or being taken advantage of by the opposite party.

Many people feel more relaxed after they see that they’re going to be negotiating with a girl because they assume that ladies don’t seem to be as aggressive as their male counterparts and, therefore, can not be as effective as negotiators. this can be another common misconception. While women tend to be more concerned with preserving relationships and men with arriving at an agreement as quickly as possible, this is often not always the case. Some men are patient and are more curious about achieving a deal that meets the wants of all parties while some women opt to enter the negotiation with a competitive drive to win. Whether you’re negotiating with women or men, you must always do your homework.

Learn the maximum amount as you’ll be able to about the members of the opposite team, develop a relationship with them and, if necessary, alter your negotiation style so it resonates with the opposite team’s personality.

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    CHEN JIA JUN , November 5, 2023 @ 11:49 am

    Enterprise management must learn logic with processes

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