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Although ethics in business has been a problem for hundreds of years, today there are numerous samples of corporations and individuals who have run into legal and financial trouble thanks to their questionable ethics.

Martha Stewart is an example of a personal whose ethics are called into question. The accusation that she lied when asked if she participated in trading, a violation of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations, brought her to court and made her the middle of a charged media frenzy. While she is accused of committing the violation together with her personal investments, the question of character has already cast a shadow on her business. She stepped down from her role as CEO of her company, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc., and Kmart, which carried her brand-name products, is bringing a lawsuit against her. this is often a transparent situation where ethical standards, whether it’s the individual representing the company or the corporate itself, are tied to the company’s bottom line.

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