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While strategy is that the overall direction, the long-term mile markers, and/or the inspiration of how the organization moves forward, tactics are the particular steps that are taken to implement the strategy.

Strategy tends toward the longer term; tactics are the shorter-term steps taken to realize the long-term strategy.

For example, XYZ Company may be a health and fitness center.

Strategically, the firm leadership has decided to develop a middle targeted at the 30 to 65 year-old woman and build a cushty environment in which she will be able to exercise, thin, and learn more healthy life habits. The firm’s strategic geographic positioning is to provide centers in suburban areas where the most important number of those women live. The tactics used for concluding this strategy include developing consistent messages and advertisements reflecting the mission of the firm targeted to the current market segment, hiring other women trainers therefore the women customers are comfortable, and providing health and fitness educational materials specific to the mature woman customer that may create a relationship between XYZ

Company and this market segment.

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