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The promotional mix is that the use of various advertising and communication channels in an exceedingly coordinated thanks to run a good marketing campaign. These coordinated campaigns are a part of a good integrated marketing communications plan. The four main methods of promotion within the combination are advertising, commercial, personal selling, and PR.

The most important think about determining the optimal mix is identifying the target market. this may be determined through extensive market research. Once a corporation knows its target market, it can then research its use of assorted media outlets so as to return up with the best combination of promoting materials to succeed in the defined target.

For example, if the target market is stay-at-home moms, a company might find that television advertisements during certain daytime television shows are only for reaching them. If the target market could be a young professional, the marketer might find that using billboards in a very downtown commercial district and morning drivetime radio advertisements are effective for getting the message to the present target market.

The size of the promotional budget will greatly influence the chosen mix similarly. Television advertising will be very costly and, therefore, may not be a feasible option for an organization with a smaller marketing budget, a minimum of not during prime viewing hours on major networks. Often the quantity of cash a firm spends on promotional activities are going to be littered with the merchandise life cycle, general economic conditions, and therefore the competition.

The promotional mix may involve an organization coordinating its loyalty program with advertising campaigns and a promotional deal.

For example, an airline may transport a mailer to its frequent fliers advertising 5,000 free bonus miles for booking a ticket within the next month. during this instance, the airline is coordinating an on the spot mailing with loyalty program membership and a promotional campaign.

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