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The position the firm fills within the marketplace is an integral a part of the strategic process. Positioning may be thought of as how the firm will stake a claim during a piece of the marketplace during a manner which will differentiate it from competitors. The key to sustainable strategy and positioning is an integrated marketing system. Competitive advantage comes from the flexibility to spot the firm’s position, make strategic plans, and interact a whole integrated marketing system. All activities of the firm should fit together and complement one another to supply a well-oiled machine, which creates differentiation within the customer’s mind and competitive advantage.

Strategy involves all areas of the firm from operations to finance to human resources. Choosing the proper strategy for the proper people for the correct goals is challenging yet provides an overarching message for the complete organization. The strategy and message must then be communicated consistently and clearly throughout the firm for its effectiveness to take effect and produce a sustainable organization.

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  • Celeste , March 9, 2023 @ 1:34 pm

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