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  • June 16, 2024
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Successful companies that become excellent marketing organizations know themselves, their customers, and what they provide that fills the customers’ needs. this needs an investment of your time and money to accurately determine whether all three parts of the Triangle fit together.

As an example, ABC Company is about eight years old and operates in the online professional services industry. The customer wants and needs this service. most significantly, the customer is willing to pay for the service and ABC Company is that the only company occupying this space at now. One would imagine that ABC Company is generating a strong and regular revenue stream. Unfortunately, ABC Company’s CEO doesn’t believe investing in consistent marketing strategies and targeted marketing initiatives. Rather, the CEO pays low wages to inexperienced salespeople who don’t have any incentive or support to sell the service. Therefore, because of a scarcity of investment in marketing, the customer doesn’t even know that ABC Company exists. The fallout of such poor strategic thinking can be that employees often are not paid in an exceedingly month, morale plummets, and company reputation lags.

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