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As set forth within the preceding sections, marketing is that the process of building a strategic plan. However, without buy-in from the organization as a whole, becoming a marketing organization is more challenging.

A marketing organization isn’t a firm that sells marketing services.

A marketing organization may be a firm—regardless of industry, function, size, or region—in which all levels of the organization adhere to the identical ideals and uniform methods for attaining customers.

As an example, Southwest Airlines has created a marketing organization.

It has three company “policies”:

✔ Practice the Golden Rule. we’ve got a choice daily and choose to make our employees our first customers and our passengers our second customers.

✔ Help one another out.

✔ be happy to be yourself.

Integrate, Integrate, Integrate

Southwest ensures that these messages further as any marketing message is integrated throughout every a part of the organization and in every point of contact with the customer—noting that the customer is both the Southwest employee also because the purchasing passenger. This ability on Southwest’s part to make a marketing organization—or a marketing culture—allowed it to weather economic downturns and adverse industry trends.

Becoming a marketing organization also allows the whole team to understand the worth of the firm’s products to the customer and behave in an exceedingly manner within which selling could be a way of life. for instance, a consulting firm may have strategic consultants performing on projects at the client’s office. thanks to this example, the consultants are able to observe the client’s business processes at every stage, and thus have an indoor view of the requirements of the client. this may create an “upsell” opportunity. Upselling is that the process of adding a product or service to an existing project. For all marketers, gaining more share of an existing customer may be a simpler overall marketing strategy than working hard to seek out more customers. Customer or client loyalty may be a much smarter long-term strategy, because satisfied customers become “salespeople” in attracting new customers. Additionally, satisfied customers have trust and confidence in your firm’s offerings and are more likely to shop for more, buy more often, and, because of the lower marketing costs related to existing customers, become more profitable. the foremost expensive customer to accumulate could be a new customer; the foremost cost-efficient customer is an existing one.

If the worker doesn’t “get it,” the customer won’t.

There are numerous ways in which all businesses can become marketing organizations and make buy-in on all levels.

✔ Communication. A firm may make sure that decisions are communicated quickly and honestly on all levels of the corporate so that employee questions, fears, and rumors don’t erupt.

✔ Training. Training is very important to make sure that each employee knows exactly what the firm does to get revenue and what impact that individual has on it process. Ongoing training in customer service in the least levels of the organization will add greatly to the effectiveness of the company’s marketing strategy.

✔ Tools of the trade. People take action when empowered with the right tools to try to to so; therefore, it’s important to make the tools to create each employee’s job easier—whether or not it’s a technological system or a brochure to distribute to customers or the method to try and do his/her job with clarity.

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