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  • April 20, 2024
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Every day we are bombarded with different advertising messages, whether it’s on the radio while we’re driving to figure, on television during our favourite programs, or in magazines and newspapers.

We’re handed flyers while walking down the streets and given tastes of products while walking the aisles of the foodstuff. Advertising has entered every area of our lives, and lots of folks favor to ignore it on many occasions. This might cause you to ask, can advertising and promotional efforts still be effective if we are so saturated with information?

The answer is yes, advertising and promotions may be effective if used properly for targeting the proper consumer. one in all the most rules in advertising has always been to stay your message simple and consistent, and repeat it often. it’s been shown that individuals remember advertising if they see it with great frequency, which explains why while watching two hours of television you’ll see the identical advertisement two or maybe 3 times. That way the message will stand out in your mind.

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