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It may even be concluded that a substantial number of projects fail from not having a talented and experienced project manager to manage the process. This hole is quickly being filled, however, as companies recognize that successfully managed projects increase productivity, yield a greater return on investment, increase profits, and improve customer service.

But project management isn’t new. Project management coordination and planning skills are used for centuries—even as far back as the empire. Project management has also nearly always dealt with the identical elemental challenges: incomplete project specifications and scope definition, insufficient labor, unforeseen challenges, or unsure funding. The role and job title of the creator for managing these elements, however, the project manager, wasn’t recognized until the 20th century.

Another reason for the importance of the role of a project manager is the increasing rate of change within the workplace. Project management skills transcend corporations and industries; with change happening at such rapid rates, whether in technology, business, or construction, project managers are increasingly in demand.

It is important, however, for all project participants to know the process of project management. As project-based change increases, every project participant from part-time team member to executive sponsor are more practical in their role if they understand the process of project management.

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