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As businesses and professional practices implement the utilization of technology and management information systems, it becomes important to link these tools together and supply a way for the machines, the information they produce, and people who use and like the system to speak with one another. Thus, computers in a corporation and computers in several organizations form networks to facilitate the exchange.

You may have heard someone consult with an “extranet” before and thought the individual actually meant “Internet” because we all know that that’s what the majority use to search out and share information; but there are three major sorts of networks that allow people to access and share information.

The Internet is what a corporation uses to attach to the planet Wide Web and communicate with clients and also the broader outside world. This communication happens through e-mail, web sites, and researching, or accessing, public information.

The company intranet, on the opposite hand, doesn’t connect the company to the skin world, but rather to an interior network. This wide area network (WAN) connects all of the company’s computers to allow them to access the identical disk drive and so be able to share files and data from a central, internal location.

An extranet occurs when the business or practice is networked to a variety of stakeholders like suppliers, dealers, manufacturers, or distributors. this is often a network that’s shared among a pick set of companies that work together closely and want to share information quickly to efficiently plan and execute their business.

These larger networks define where information is shared and who can access it; the importance of other computer networks is that they define how the data is shared.

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