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For the little business owner or professional, you’re probably reading this chapter to be told about the role and purpose of management information systems and, in effect, to become the “CIO” for your business.

The chief information officer, or CIO, is that the person within the company responsible for managing all the knowledge collected from the varied hardware and software applications and ensuring that the knowledge and communication flow is sufficient to fulfill the requirements of the company objectives.

The CIO Insight Research Company has identified the various roles of the chief information officer. CIOs are accountable for evaluating the fit between the company’s strategy and therefore the technology accustomed implement its strategy. they’re to blame for interviewing and hiring, vetting IT risks and opportunities, monitoring large investments, auditing IT infrastructure for reliability and risk, and counseling IT staff on selected strategic issues. this is often no small job.

In an editorial within the Harvard Business Review, Diana Farrell suggests the CIO should be ready to answer each of the subsequent 10 questions:

  1. is that the company leveraging IT in our most vital business initiatives?
  2. Is our management and shareholder information of the best accuracy and integrity?
  3. Are we leveraging technology to confirm business continuity?
  4. Are we getting the simplest return on our technology expenditures?
  5. Are our businesspeople capable of using and managing information and technology effectively?
  6. Are we leveraging IT for business innovation and learning?
  7. Are we capitalizing on the business potential of the Internet?
  8. Are we optimizing the availability and delivery of IT services?
  9. can we have the correct IT partners?
  10. What can we expect from the CIO and IT organization?

It is likely that a minimum of one in all these questions has crossed your mind during the course of running your business or practicing your profession. the data during this chapter will facilitate your to raised answer the questions and become a more practical CIO for your business.

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