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For quite 20 years “quality” and “quality management systems” are leading buzzwords within the business world. Numerous consultants have built their careers around these topics, and quality issues in business are responsible for the event of latest organizations and even industries, for instance, the American Society for Quality and 6 Sigma consulting.

The notion of quality in business focuses on the savings and extra revenue that organizations can realize if they eliminate errors throughout their operations and produce products and services at the optimal level of quality desired by their customers. Errors can take almost any form—for example, producing the incorrect number of parts, sending bank statements to customers who have already closed their accounts or sending an incorrect bill to a client. All of those errors are very common, and therefore the costs incurred seem minimal. But over time when mistakes are repeated the prices add up to a major amount, so eliminating errors may end up in significant increases to the underside line of a business.

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