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Information Methods

Human beings have thought about the source of knowledge for centuries. There are different and sometimes contradictory and sometimes complementary views that argue that our knowledge comes from innate, intellect, intuition, sense organs, daily experiences and experiments. For example, according to the rationalist view, the source of knowledge is the mind. Information originates from the mind and is produced through the mind. The intuitive view speaks of two kinds of knowledge, namely science and philosophy.

According to intuitionists, science is the product of intelligence and philosophy is the product of intuition. Knowledge based on intelligence is not knowledge of real life. According to this view, knowledge of real life is philosophical knowledge based on intuition.

Information from intuition is immutable truths. It is this kind of information that is important.

According to pragmatists, knowledge is about life lived. Truth, which is the subject of knowledge, must be vital and useful in practice. Information and truth that are not useful and relevant to daily life should not be regarded as either knowledge or truth. Empiricist view accepts that knowledge comes from experiences and experiences through sense organs. According to empiricists, the mind cannot ignore what the sense organs know.

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