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Conceptual Science

Throughout the history of civilization, there is no definitive definition of science, which is increasingly important for humanity and needed in all areas of life.

Science is defined in different ways. “Science is a systematic collection of knowledge that studies and explains phenomena in the universe in various ways.” In simpler terms, science is knowledge that is attained by an acceptable method and can be objectively verified.

According to another definition, science is “an organized, assimilated and internalized knowledge that chooses a part of the universe or events as a subject and tries to make laws by using empirical methods and reality”.

Ibn Khaldun (1332-1406), who is considered the pioneer of social sciences, defines science as the effort of a person who has the ability to think, to reach knowledge in order to distinguish right from wrong.

Ibn Khaldun divided the sciences into two: sciences that are natural for human beings and acquired through human thought, and sciences that are transmitted by human beings (information based on religious evidence).

According to Ibn Khaldun, the first kind of sciences are philosophical sciences, and these sciences are learned through the ability to think, which is natural for human beings; They are the sciences that people can reach their subjects, problems, various depressions and teaching ways thanks to their ability to understand. As a result, human beings, as a thoughtful being, can distinguish right from wrong in these sciences and access information.

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