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Individual Career Management

Individual Career Management

Individual career management consists of the processes of gaining personal and environmental awareness (career discovery), determining career goals (determining career goals), determining career strategies that will help one reach these career goals, and implementing career strategies (implementation) by collecting information about both himself and his environment. (Noe, 1996). Individual career management refers to a dynamic and changeable process. In other words, individual career management should not be thought of as a process that people will do once in their lives and put into practice. For this reason, it is necessary for people to evaluate whether they have achieved their career goals from time to time, and to be aware of both their wishes and expectations that change over time and the changing environmental conditions. Thus, it can be stated that people should constantly update their career goals and constantly review their strategies to reach these goals (Greenhaus, Calanlar, & Goldshack, 2009).

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