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Management Functions

We can consider the tasks performed by the manager in the enterprise as the functions of the management. The basic functions of management can be examined in 5 groups by Henri Fayol. These are the functions of planning, organizing, executing, coordinating and controlling. Some researchers argue that the coordination function constitutes the main structure of management, therefore it is meaningless to examine it as a separate function. In many foreign works written in the field of management, staffing is among the basic management functions. Selection, recruitment, training and career management of personnel are included in staffing and are a management function of these jobs. Massie states that organizing, staffing is for the employee and the organizational structure is not only about organizing and staffing, but also about the relationship between the two.

It is possible to briefly explain the functions of management as follows.

Planning: It is the determination of when, where, how, by whom the resources will be used and which activities will be performed in order to achieve the objectives of the business. In other words, it is the process of determining and choosing the goals and the ways that can be used to reach them.

Organizing: It is the creation of the structure of the enterprise. This structure should be capable of achieving the goals that the business wants to achieve. Creating the departments of the organization, determining the characteristics of the people who will work, determining and supplying the necessary tools and equipment are handled within this function.

Directing: It is to motivate and mobilize the employees to act in line with the objectives.

Coordination: It is the harmonization of all activities in order to facilitate the achievement of the goals of the enterprise and to ensure success. Thus, disruptions and unnecessary repetitions of work will be prevented.

Audit: It is an activity that is necessary to determine the goals of the business and to put forward the efforts necessary to achieve these goals, as well as to determine whether these efforts are successful, to determine the deficiencies, if any, and to take corrective actions. In fact, planning, which is the first function of management, also constitutes the criteria for auditing. The functions of management will be examined in detail in the following sections.

Features That the Manager Should Have

In some studies, the characteristics that a good manager should have are listed as follows9.

– To have knowledge of business functions and different fields instead of expertise in a single subject,

– To be logical, to have the ability to analyze and synthesize,

– To have the power of intuition to foresee opportunities and dangers,

– Having a developed imagination,

– Strong reasoning ability,

– Ability to focus on a specific subject,

– To be able to express their thoughts in a clear and understandable way,

– To be able to adapt to changing conditions and people with different personalities,

– Ability to balance between mind and emotions,

– Having a strong memory,

– To be able to take risks and be determined,

– seriousness and orderliness,

– To be quick, to be a good example to the people with whom he works with his behavior,

– To be able to understand group structures, common purpose, group values ​​and group feelings,

– To be measured and balanced,

– To be able to cooperate.

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