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Career Discovery

Career discovery, in the simplest sense, is defined as the process of collecting information about oneself and his environment and gaining awareness about himself and his environment as a result of this information. Gathering information about himself will lead him to know and understand himself better, and will enable him to gain awareness about himself. Accordingly, the issues that should be emphasized in order for a person to know and understand himself better are listed as follows. Talents and skills, Personality traits, Interests, Strengths and weaknesses, Values, Expectations about working conditions Talent, skills, personality traits, interests, which are the subjects that should be emphasized in order to enable the person to know and understand himself better and to gain self-awareness about himself. Detailed information on their fields, strengths, weaknesses, values ​​and expectations regarding working conditions are presented below, respectively. Talent, in its simplest definition, is defined as “the power of a person to successfully perform a certain activity”. A more detailed definition of ability is made as “the innate capacity to learn any activity, developed as a result of interaction with the environment”. As can be understood from the detailed definition in question, talent is an innate capacity. In addition, innate abilities need to be developed with the interaction of the environment. In other words, each individual is born with their own unique abilities. However, while some individuals have the opportunity to discover and develop their talents depending on the environment they live in, some individuals may never realize their abilities. E.g; The famous classical music composer Ludwig Van Bethoveen was born with innate musical talents. Bethoveen’s extraordinary musical talent was discovered by her father, who is also a musician, when Bethoveen was a child. Considering that talent is defined as the capacity to successfully perform an activity; The importance it carries in career exploration is also more clearly understood. Accordingly, people can be more successful in the jobs and professions they are capable of.

The concept of talent is often confused with the concept of skill. However, talent and skill refer to two different concepts with different meanings. Skill can be defined as the ability to successfully perform a particular job based on learning. Accordingly, while talent mostly represents innate capacity, factors such as learning and practice in skill come to the fore. Another issue related to skills is the fact that people can develop their skills more easily in the areas where they are talented. It may be possible for people to fail if they make career choices without considering their abilities and skills. Another important issue that people should focus on in the career exploration process is personality traits. Personality, in general, can be expressed as all the distinctive, unchanging and consistent characteristics of the individual. Accordingly, three characteristics are mainly used in the definition of personality. These characteristics are distinctiveness, consistency and continuity. Distinctiveness is expressed as a person’s behavior and attitudes being different from other people. Consistency is explained as exhibiting the same behaviors in the face of the same situations occurring at different times. Continuity is defined as the long-term stability of one’s attitudes and behaviors. Although character and temperament are different concepts from personality, they are often used synonymously with the concept of personality, which makes it difficult to fully understand the subject of personality. For this reason, it is necessary to explain the concepts of character and temperament as well as personality. Character is expressed as all the tendencies in the personality of the person, in other words, innate in the person and emerging with the influence of the environment. While the person must reach a certain maturity for the personality to emerge, the character reveals itself from the moment the person is born. Accordingly, it can be stated that the character is outside of the personality until the personality is established, and inside the personality after the personality is established. and quantitatively change. There is a consensus among researchers that the model explains the most important dimensions of personality.

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