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Definition, Purpose and Scope of Management

The management process and practices in this field are as old as human history. It is possible to say that the concept of management emerged with people living together and wanting to achieve common goals. Because in order to achieve common goals, individual efforts must be carried out in a coordinated manner. As Hodgkinson states, man is born into the family, which can be called the smallest social group, and survives and dies in larger communities, including the family. Naturally, people manage and/or are managed in this process. In today’s modern societies, businesses are at the focal point of our lives. Today, most of us are born in hospitals and continue their education in schools, and when they enter business life, they work in factories, banks, hotels and travel agencies. All of these businesses have specific goals and they need management and management to achieve the goals.
Successful management practices have been observed since ancient times. Today, we can talk about the excellent workmanship in all of the works known as the 7 wonders of the world and an effective management in the emergence of these works. Drucker answered the question of who is the best and greatest ruler, that he always thought, designed and built the first Egyptian pyramid. Although effective practices in the field of management have come up with many examples in ancient civilizations, the most important trigger of research and developments on this subject has been the industrial revolution. Because the Industrial Revolution affected production and consumption models. The scientific study of business management was started by Frederick Winslow Taylor in the last quarter of the 1800s. From Taylor to Chester Barnard, business management has been considered as a sub-type of general management. Seeing management as a profession took place after the Second World War3. Management, which is the subject of our course, is literally the management in the business world.

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