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The stakeholders mentioned by the company Report are:

Shareholders – existing and potential investors need information to help them to determine whether to carry, buy or sell shares in a very company.

Lenders – both existing and potential lenders have to assess the risks involved – the likelihood of default. they’ll be troubled to judge the flexibility of the borrower to service interest charges and to repay current and future amounts outstanding.

Employees – individuals and their representatives need financial information to assess job security and job prospects and to support collective bargaining negotiations.

Investment analysts and professional advisers – the financial press, ‘the City’ and financial advisers need access to and want to be able to understand financial information to advise their readers and clients.

Business partners – suppliers, customers and competitors are all interested in an organization’s financial performance, its reputation and its future prospects.

Government – additionally to the chance of the govt. being a customer or a creditor (a person or a corporation to whom a business includes a commitment), the taxation of profits requires the disclosure of certain financial information.

The general public – information supplied, for instance, to shareholders and business partners helps to tell employment and wealth creation issues.

Given the varied needs of those various stakeholder groups, we want to require a quick examine the present regulatory framework.

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