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The sales function involves direct contacts with customers. That fact alone makes sales important because customers represent the lifeblood of your business. As noted earlier, the primary one that should be hired after a product is intended could be a salesperson to come up with business.

Keep in mind that sales brings in money; other areas spend it!

Many years ago, after the economic Revolution passed, people stopped making what they needed. those that made their own clothes could then move to stores to shop for them. the identical situation applied to canning and preserving foods. Stores sold many manufactured items and demand was so great that individuals flocked to stores to create the purchases.

Keep the word “demand” in mind. It’s a vital a part of the supplyand- demand function that’s a key facet of business.

As the years passed, more products became available and their popularity increased. In fact, for many, shopping became fun. The sales function then consisted mainly of notifying customers about what products you had and where those products can be purchased. Today, we discover tremendous numbers of products available during a market of intense competition.

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